Welcome to the angry zone.

There are many reasons that people like to start a blog. Some people have a specific agenda to push, others like to write with the aim of helping people and people like me just want to release some of the anger that builds up inside.

I am in my early thirties and i have essentially made a complete fuck up of almost every aspect of my life. I managed to piss away the love of my life, my home, my car and my career and I managed to do all of these wonderful feats withing 2 years! well, aren’t i talented! However i didn’t decide to start this blog with the intention of boring the few people that might read it with trivial mistakes from my past or my intentions for the future. I decided to start this because I have started noticing things that piss me off on a daily basis and I am told that keeping anger inside is not the healthiest thing you can do, so I intend to update you all weekly with a range of topics that tend to annoy me……lucky you!

Firstly I will make you all (look at me being optimistic that someone will read this) a promise:


For anybody reading that isn’t in the U.K, we have a general election scheduled for just under a months time and everybody that I know has become a closet MP and although I have my opinions on the matter and the candidates, I will not use this as a place to push my views on the good people that choose to read it, so don’t fear friendly reader, none of that bullshit will find it’s way here.

I wish to start my blog by talking about body image.

You see, I was inspired to finally start writing this blog by another blog. The blog in question keeps popping up on my Facebook timeline. I didn’t really pay a great deal of attention to it at first, it would just pop up and i would scroll past it, but it would pop up again and again and eventually I decided to read it. The blog is called: Help me i’m chubby and can be found here: https://www.facebook.com/helpmeimchubby/ The reason I have included it is because I think it is very good and plus, i wanted to.

For those of you who haven’t read it, it follows the tribulations of a twenty something girl who perceives herself to be overweight and her struggles to lose weight whilst going about her daily business. Her blog is both enthralling and entertaining and although i have enjoyed what i have read so far and it inspired me to let out my inner anger, that isn’t why I am discussing it here. The reason it is here is because Most of the entries come complete with pictures of the author……….she is genuinely one of the most beautiful girls I have seen for years. Anybody who clicks the link i included above will be hard pushed to disagree.

The point is, how the hell have we strolled along into 2017 and still have this disgusting body image ideal in our tiny little minds that mean that any person that happens to be carrying a few extra pounds cannot be considered beautiful?

Body image is out of control. I had a conversation the other day with one of my closest friends, He was telling me that a girl he finds attractive is seeing a bloke that is punching above his weight and it seems that this really pissed my friend off. At no point had my friend considered the girl probably deserved even more admiration for falling in love with a guys personality instead of basing her choice on whether the guy had the correct socially acceptable body image. I can’t help but thinking that as far as we have come as a society, perhaps we haven’t come far enough.

I myself have struggled with weight issues, I am six foot tall and 6 months ago I weighed nearly 16 stone. I now weight 13 Stone and yes, the reason I decided to lose weight is because i thought that no woman would ever fall for me as I was overweight. OK,  in fairness due to issues noted above I still have no car, i am rebuilding a career almost from scratch, i am paying off debt and I am forced to live in a box room at the back of my parents house, so besides have literally nothing to offer the opposite sex it was STILL the overweight bit that kicked me in to gear.

Anyway, that’s enough crap from me for the time being. Thank you for taking the time to read this. I have contained the anger quite well as I intended to do as it was the first entry of my first blog, I promise there will be a LOT more anger to come on a variety of subjects. For now though, link, comment, share.



Humanity, where did it go?

The reason that I started this blog was to express myself without anybody phoning the police or trying to lock me up for being unstable as the anger I feel about many different things rises to the surface. Sure, I didn’t get too many views in week one, but I can write that off as me being too shy to post it on my Facebook or admit to too many people that I am writing this in the first place. My confidence will pick up over time i’m sure, but in the meantime I am just happy to vent here and hope that people enjoy my writing and word spreads.

I do intend on upgrading my blog to a paid package and even possibly it’s own domain at some point once i am more established, but right now I am really enjoying rediscovering my first hobby that I have truly loved, which is writing.

This week I want to talk about something that I feel really passionate about, something that has the ability to bring my rage right to the surface and something that i honestly couldn’t care less whether people agree or disagree with me on. This week, I want to talk about Fox hunting.

On my way to work this evening a fox crossed my path. Naturally it stopped in it’s tracks and looked at me probably trying to establish whether or not i was a threat. Upon seeing the animal my first instinct was to stop still and then watch this majestic creature disappear in to a nearby field and carry on with it’s valuable life. My first instinct however was not to climb on top of a horse, load a weapon, call 15 to 20 of my closest friends, get hold of a pack of dogs and chase the animal before savagely murdering it and that is because I am not a complete bastard.

I can’t get my head around what the fuck is wrong with a very small proportion of the human race. I can’t understand how anybody can look at an animal and want to hurt it instead of appreciate the sheer beauty and magnificence of it.

People that have access to the media for some reason such as Katie Hopkins would have you believe that fox hunting is a necessary ‘sport’. They would have you believe that controlling the fox population is needed in this country. To which my response is an overwhelming “BULLSHIT”

Don’t you fucking dare use that as an excuse because YOU want to kill something, don’t you dare try and justify something as heinous and callous as murdering an innocent animal by spouting that pathetic, weak and frankly insulting bullshit.

I know that I am trying to become an established Blogger and I don’t have many – if any followers at the moment so this might seem a bit of a risky statement, but…If you support fox hunting, worse still if you partake in fox hunting – Fuck off, right now. Get off my blog and don’t ever come back. I don’t want you here, i don’t want you to read my writing. I believe that you are a stain on society and i do not fucking want you here.

People try and justify this disgusting ‘sport’ in many different ways and not one of them is backed up by scientific evidence or anything of real substance. I would probably have more respect for them if they just came out and admitted that they do it because they enjoy killing innocent animals. I mean, i still wouldn’t piss in their pockets if their genitals were on fire, but at least I would respect the honesty of their brutality. They don’t though, they hide behind their cowardice, they sneer at those of us – 84% of us – that choose to love and respect the wildlife of this country. They look down at us…THEY LOOK DOWN AT US!

I call for all disgusting ‘sports’ that result in the killing….the murdering of animals to be banned, I call for actual punishments for the dickheads that partake in these murders. They should be treated in the exact same way as the scum that hurt pets and yes I know i am an angry person, but i couldn’t give a fuck if you agree with me or not. If you support this disgusting shit, go and fuck yourself.

Until next week.

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